Practical Information

1. Conference venue:
The conference will be held at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw.
The adress is:
Krakowskie Przedmieście 3
00-047 Warszawa
Here’s the google maps link for you:
The conference will be held in the rooms:
– 108 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
– 4 (Tuesday)
The room 108 is located on the 1st floor of the building – after entering the building take the stairs and go along the corridor.
The room 4 is on the ground floor – after entering the building just go along the corridor till its end.
There are both blackboards and the screens suitable for electronic presentations in both of the rooms, so it’s going to be quite easy.
The coffee breaks will be held in the Institute’s courtyard on the ground floor – the entrance to the courtyard is in the middle of the ground floor corridor (the same one that gets you to the room 4).
2. Conference dinners.
We will have (at least) two conference dinners and a couple of conference beers.
On Monday, September 5th, we are going to KOTŁOWNIA restaurant (“Boiler” in English) which is located in the smallest (and arguably the most beautiful) district of Warsaw, called Żoliborz (which comes from the Frnech “Jolie Bord”, that is – the beautiful shore).
The restaurant is located on Suzina 8 street, here you have the google map:
The restaurant has prepared a special menu for us.
On Thrusday, September 8th, we are going to Chmielarnia Marszałkowska restaurant which is actually a connection of a multitap bar and an Indian-Nepali-Thai restaurant:
For this one we will need a declaration, who’s coming, since the restaurant needs an advance for the reservation (50 PLN per person) and we need to know it before Tuesday evening.
For Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the conference events/parties will be surprises, but we will try to show you different parts of Warsaw.
We will go to the restaurants together – just after the last talks.
3. Lunch suggestions:
4. Moving around Warsaw: Warsaw is well-communicated – you will need the tickets (valid on the underground, the trams, buses and city trains) – they are easy to buy. You can buy them in many shops, kiosks and on the bus/tram/underground stops – the ticket tariffs are here:
And a website that is better in giving hints on how to commute:

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